Free Online KP Astrology Prediction

Free Online KP Astrology Prediction

kp astrology

kp astrology

Free online KP Astrology Prediction: – Astrology, you all are aware about this term, and more or less having idea that what is it. But what about KP, so, KP is concern for or stands for Krishnamurti Paddhati. “Paddhati” which means procedure and Krishnamurti which is the name of the procedure. This Paddhati or procedure was created by the Indian renowned astrologer Prof. K.S Krishnamurti. He was also called the king of the astrology basically in India. Where all knows that how much it is difficult to predict something perfectly by astrology, but KP was the only procedure which not only could predict something correctly, but also could say confirm to others on any questions answer will be “Yes” or “No” prediction for the future. One can say all that KP came as a savior. But there is no any huge tough difference between KP method & the traditional method. The difference here is as like as Homeopathy & Allopathy.

The KP was that much perfect that it was so approachable, like when the traditional or Vedic systems judged something they answered and the answer was sometime matches and sometime not, like specially for times, if the traditional system and horoscope confirm it that it the birth in 5 am then KP could get the difference of 5 min also, and fix that it was 5min earlier. The major difference was caught on the time scheduling because it needs the perfect one. So, that’s why the system is so strong and still there is no any similar option like that system.

There is the main points which was solved with best way by the KP astrology

  • KP astrology marriage prediction
  • KP astrology job prediction
  • Match prediction by KP astrology
  • KP astrology cricket predictions

Here are some major difference between Vedic/Traditional method & KP method-

  • This system gives us the importance towards the Constellations, Stars & Nakshatras divisions of the Zodiac that’s what is till most obvious and desired for precision.
  • KP system divided the Constellations, Stars & Nakshatras into other 9 subdivisions called as “SUBS”.
  • These subdivisions are not the equal but as per the Vimshottari Dashas Divisions System.
  • KP system uses the K.P Ayanamshas as opposed to the Lahiri Ayanamshas that hich is mostly used in Vedic system.
  • The difference between the above two is about 6mins.
  • The KP system uses Cusps those bhav beginnings like western system but the Vedic do not do that they do use house centers.
  • The KP system uses Placidus house systems.
  • Maximum of the decisions controlled by it is by SUB.
  • In this house characteristics are more important and get the more priority than the planetary system.
  • Here the planet SUB gives the idea of final direction.

And there are also other definitions of that, but the main thing is this is very help full and useful for this purpose. After that you can say it is a revolutionary system in this kind of world.

You can use this system to know the above all the problems, and after analyzing it you can also solve them this is the main factor.

  • Here is also a factor- KP astrology marriage prediction

The KP system is also used in marriage purpose like for it various causes, here the all decisions are taken by cusps significations, are like that-

  • If the sub lord of 7 cusps signifies 2, 7 or 11 and with unafflicted Venus then marriage will be done.

All will be according to this Way, now watch the chart for the predictions-

Marriage stop 7 cusp signifactor with 1,6,10,12
Planet if signifies 6 & 11 You may have a lover with business.
6 & 12 Relationship break
2 & 11 Very happy material life
If 1,6 & 10 Then your girl may not agree for your marriage life


And these things are going like that.


  • KP astrology cricket predictions

Friends, Just watch it out…… How interesting it is—

Like there is a match going on Team Mumbai and Kings Eleven Punjab.

And now if you want to figure it out that who is going to win it, Then KP method can do this-

It is a KP Numerology theory by depending on planets-

According to the choices- Planets should be-

L- Sun, S- Sun, D- Moon, R- Mercury

Now signs of the planets will- Sun- 5, Mercury-Mithun-3, Kanya- 6, Moon- Karka-4.

The total= 5+5+6+3+4= 23 & Now 2+3= 5.

Now as we have choose only two teams here, then we should to divided it with 2. And will get the remainder 1.

So now we are confirmed that the winner team will be Mumbai Indians.

But for getting analyzed and well result you must to keep faith in that formula, that theory and must to give your full attention in it. Look, this is not a very first process, yes those people who analyze the issues by that formula that is a first procedure and get it a solving is long term. Needs patience. And attention also. By that the KP (Krishnamurti Paddhati) may be useful to you.

For any other concern feel free get help from us.

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