How to Do Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

Now you will see here  “Fortune Prediction with Playing Cards”. Guys it all about the cards, if you know the cards “hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs”, and here these cards are needed, but with another manner also. Such as you have to decide and divide them with such a manner which it will be explained be the nature, like “water, fire, earth, air”. And according to the order they are required to be as-

Hearts – Water,

Clubs – Fire,

Diamonds – Earth,

Spades – Air.

Look, sometimes the meaning of the cards can defer and it is depends on the teller and also on the book what you are using for interpretation.

This is not a latest or recent procedure; this is a very old one, it was developed at the 13th century and developed b the tarot cards, and I would happy to inform you that this is the second oldest procedure of future telling, yes, also known as “future telling by cards”. Right or Wrong I am not saying, but as I will say, to believe in such kinds of tricks or foolish tricks is not an activity of an intelligent, and to go through this one other than a foolishness, but yes, may it can be used as a entertainment purpose, or not that also.

Here, before giving you the playing procedure, I would like to text you some basic facts of cards for that game. They are-

In that game Hearts generally considers the happy moments mean they are normally the happy cards. Which signifies the love, domestic concerns, friendship and ect such that.

Diamonds generally signifies the career and money issues.

Spades refers to the time challenges, gossip, message and upsets and like these.

And at last the Clubs generally signifies the success and happiness issues.

So, these are the basic facts of the game.

You or those who knows to play these they can do several of future predictions by that.

Basic Idea for playing this game-

This game has not only one procedure, by several procedure it can be played, but here I am giving you only one of them. Here I am giving you the basic idea and the general procedure for playing this game, read it and get.

First you have to take the total cards, shuffle them properly and after that choose any five cards, and accordingly you have to decide them A, at from the top and then B, C, D, E. Then-

  • Here, card A speaks about your thoughts, and like that I am texting…..
  • B= What/Whom you want to find out,
  • C= Shows what is coming,
  • D= Asking you, is this crucial?
  • E= Will show that what is hidden from you.

Now you have to make it out, take your time and do the interpretation of cards, write it down for your better result that which card you put which and keep a brief result of all the matter. Like these you can check that how much precise the reading of your cards was. Like these way you can do it, and do more practice, it will make you the master. And you also can think more positive, which will make your work and results finer.

Here I have given you max of the information, which will help you to do this-

  • 7 of Hearts refer week moments, problem’s close solution, and secret love. As like that follow the downwards,
  • 9 of Hearts- Affection, existence, sometime long- lasting, being in love.
  • 10 of Hearts- Marriage or if in relationship then it would be long lasting.
  • 8 of Hearts- Your wish will become reality, about to happen a happy occasion.
  • Jack of Hearts- Close of young person, relative or of a pet.
  • 10 of Club- Big change possible, ready for an argument.
  • 7 of Clubs- Partial return needed, sadness, tears, and insight into your soul.
  • Ace of heart- Family, House and flat.
  • Jack of Spades- A young man, trust.
  • 7 of diamond- Real chances, good prospects of works.
  • King of Spades- Trustworthy person, man from the past.
  • Ace of Spades- Justice, Legal issues.
  • Queen of Spades- A women from the past.
  • 8 of diamonds- Career progress stay self-critical, financial possibilities.
  • King of Clubs- Distrust on its way, Watch for an older man.
  • Jack of Clubs- Do not admit your own badness, unlucky time.
  • 10 of Spades- Important change, long journey, new beginning, split.

So, these are some of the results, but there are more results, for that you may search for it, or contact a card future telling person, he/she will help you to get all of these and also tell you about the procedures very well.

For any type of predictions based on cards you can feel free concern to get accurate predictions.


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