How to Find Love Marriage Yog in Kundli

Love Marriage Yog in Kundli

Know Love Marriage Yog in Kundli

Know Love Marriage Yog in Kundli

Now let we will tell about find love marriage yog through kundli. Kundli is a chart which is prepares by the astrologers and for the individuals, so the singular person will be only one kundli for him and none of the other persons of ladies kindli will match with him, conditions of the astrology are different but that’s the basic rule. All individual have the specification. As you know that astrology is not new in the world and the kundli system also, so this is going since years and this is a part of astrology; these parts are done by astrology.

Many times we see people before getting married they go to any astrologers to hear and get their own life predications that how it will be and how much happy or unhappy they will be after their marriage. And in these kundli or astrology cases also many other predications are get included, that how that guy or lady will be, what will be the time of marriage and how far his or her in-laws house will be, and many more. Like that, through the astrology predication people also can find that how his/her marriage will be like it will be a love marriage or arrange marriage, they can find that if he/she is going to have two marriages whatever the cause will be, one can get when he/she will get engaged with his/her lover and may be where. So, that types of queries can be solved by the procedure named astrology, as per astrology is concerned, they can predict it by their processes. because some of the people know these predictions and says that “yes the astrologer was true and it is going like that they said”.

So, as I said, people can find their love marriage yog, double marriage yog and ect by their Kundli. And here in that article we will aware you about these points. And, if you have your own kundli, then you also can find out your own predictions.

  • Double marriage yog in kundli– These refers to the two times marriage predction of aperson or lady, like if a man or women wants to know that if he/she will be get married for two times then he can go to an astrologer with his/her kundli and after giving him the kundli and knowing your questions, the astrologer will give you all the answer that what your kundli is saying.


  • Marriage yog by date of birth– One also can find his/her marriage yog mean the marriage time and date and also some other things by only giving his/her date of birth to the astrologer and he will tell you the possibility.


  • Vivah yog in kundli online- You also can judge your vivah yogs through your kundli through the online internet, because now days these kinds of facilities are available and people are trying this. You may get any contact number of any babajy or sadhuji, for what they will tell you the prediction.


But dear for all of these queries you have to consult it with any astrologer or any man who is well enough to judge the kundli, because these things are very sensitive, so these can’t be considered randomly in the internet, this is for privacy.

For getting marriage yog in kundali or love marriage yog you can concern with us any time for getting best working predictions.



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