How to Find Santan Yog in Kundli

Check Santan Yog in Kundli

putra prapti yog in kundli

putra prapti yog in kundli

In the common purpose of human beings at the least of happy leaving life style, maximum of the human beings have chosen the normal life style for them, then normal life cycle, that after getting the education then a better condition of job, after that a beautiful lady or a quite handsome man and get married and then after getting it fixed a adorable child. This is the common dream that all man or the maximum of it which wants to get married they all want to have a baby or santan. But what if after your all the trying it all times not getting done. Then a man and his women gets very frustrated and they think the hole life is now a hell, and the society also not takes it with a very fine matter they do controversies on their family, and that makes the family more uncomfortable. Besides all the couple get depressed and at some cases you can also find that for this case some women get attempt suicide also. So, this is a hell matter, the worst feeling a couple can ever have.

But the problem can be cured, yes obviously by science at by the best procedures with no any errors as well as the astrologers and by the sadhujis of Vedic astrology. Like in that case, a man/woman can find his own snatan youg by his/her kundli reading. It is as easy as I said, but by the astrologers. They can read your kundli and tell you that what is going to happen, and after that you can go through their directions.

So, friends our today’s topic is finding santan yog by kundli, so if you are egger to know and get about these topic then keep reading the total article, it is guarantee that I will help you to get the best at most……

Find Your Santan Yog by Your Kundli:

Friends according to the topic, we are going to cover these following points which will be useful to you-

  • Santan yog prediction by date of birth.
  • Putra prapti yog in kundli online.
  • Santan sukh yog in kundli.
  • Santan yog vedic astrology.


These points are essential for this topic, and I am going to describe all of them for your concern….

  • Santan yog prediction by date of birth– Santan yog prediction by date of birth, these refers to the kundli’s DOB place, like, I hope you all are aware about that the astrologers can predict the future of all the ways by only judging the persons Date Of Birth, and also by the time when he/she was born. In that case they take their clients DOB and after their reading they consider the results, and if you are egger to know about you santaan yog, then you can give your DOB what is being written in your Kundli to any astrologer who can read it and tell him your wants, after that he will tell you his prediction. And it is a very easy process, you can try it.


  • Putra prapti yog in kundli online– Putra prapti yog in kundli online or santan yog, for that you can also search for online astrologers, by whom you can contact by email or phone and he will respond to your concern as well. Now a days astrologers are available online, so to find out an online astrologer will not be so difficult.


  • Santan sukh yog in kundli, Santan yog vedic astrology– As I said, by the judgment of your own kundli, that what time you are going to have a baby, when and even where as well. And after that the Santan sukh yog in kundli comes, that how your santan will be, he will be good or bad for the society & in nature. Will he be your obedient or not and many more you can read in your kundli. And the Vedic astrology refers to the Vedic culture the Vedic manner of astrology by what you also can get the prediction of your santan yog.


So, dear these are the procedures, and to get them done you have to meet an astrologer and consult with him. And check that what is going to happen.

Dear, we try to give you best predictions and yes much times can obviously match, but these things are complete depends on you or the person, like nothing is impossible of you try the best. For any type of future child/career predictions you can concern with us without hesitate and hope you will get best solutions by help of astrology.



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