How to Know Videsh Yatra Yog in Kundli

How to Videsh Yatra Yog in Kundli

Videsh Yatra Yog in Kundli

Videsh Yatra Yog in Kundli

Dear yatra which is based on videsh yatra or foreign travel in English. As you all know that a travel to foreign is maximum of the people’s dream, I mean many of the people wants to go foreign, whatever for their fantasy, their hobby, their adventure, their work or only to spend a holiday, but there are very rest of people who are successful in this criteria, cause you know this is not east, cause foreign countries like America, England, Australia is not easy to go, cause it needs a huge amount of money and also for maximum reasons it also needs education. SO, that’s why when a person wants to go any outer country and he failed to do it he get depressed , and a quite frustrated for that they thinks their dreams is never goanna be true. So, we are here with our astrology department which can solve your such issues, and can declare that in future will you be able to go take any videsh yatra or not. It will predict all the circumstances, all the points that what you have to afford for it and what not to. And also will show you the way how to get a videsh yatra even it is not in your fortune.

Normally in astrology many astrologer predict those things by judging the persons or ladies kundli, by his/her date of birth or by the palmistry. According to kundli, it is onyx can prepared by the astrologers, and in the case of date of birth- they will take your date of birth, time and after regarding that they will give you al total scenario of your future, which can be useful cause by that you also can change your future by their instructions and also will aware of it. And in the case of palmistry an astrologer randomly judge a person’s or lady’s palm and give him/her a report of their character, habits and also a predication of his/her future. This is depends in practice, the astrologers are basically literate by such things and they do regular practice for that.

So, in that case that as people are willing to go abroad and some of them also comes to the astrologers for checking their predictions, for that the astrologers has developed some points by which one can know that will he/she able to go foreign or not.

So, dear as it is an article on videsh yatra, so regarding this article you will go through these points-

  • Videsh yatra yog by date of birth.
  • Videsh yatra yog in kundli astrology.
  • Videsh yatra yog in palmistry.

According to this article I have texted some points here which may help you to get an easier concept to how to judge the circumstances-

  • By the judgment of astrologers, they say that man/women who are having good venus and moon he/she can take a videsh yatra.
  • If any line comes from your moon and it meets to your life line or with the luck line both are same, then you can take a videsh yatra.
  • That person whose mountain of moon is so strong he/she can take a videsh yatra.
  • People those who have mars, moon, ketu, venus in the ninth place they also have the chances to go a videsh yatra.
  • They say that a pearl can help you if you are getting any trouble to take a videsh yatra.
  • This is interesting to sound that astrologers say, a man who have weak mars, they can settle in videsh.
  • In some cases Jupiter also says the prediction for a videsh yatra.

According to them the planet positions helps them to predict all the expectation for going videsh.

So, these were some examples that what usually they believe. And for your own predictions you can go to any astrologer who is well enough to judge these circumstances and after that you also will get a check out of what is going to happen to you for your videsh yatra or foreign trip. You can go through any procedures like videsh yatra yog by date of birth, videsh yatra yog in kundli astrology, videsh yatra yog in palmistry and so as I said above.

For getting accurate videsh/foreign yatra/travel you can feel free concern with us that how it will happen in your future by help of astrological remedies.


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