What is kaal sarp dosh and how to find it in kundli

Kaal sharp dosh remedies

Kaal sharp dosha

Kaal sharp dosha


Kaal i.e. “time,” Sharp i.e. “serpent” and dosha i.e. “fault” signifies fault in the natal chart of the individual born when all the planets are in conjunction with Rahu and Ketu. This period is commonly called as Kaal sharp Yoga. Possessing Kaal sharp dosha means experiencing a state when the soul gets caught by the serpent of time. These days, people believing in Astrology and Kundali more than anything have a constant fear of this dosha as it is not just a term, it is the cause of major tensions, fear and insecurity in life. There are many doshas in the natal chart but kaal sharp dosha is the most malefic and fearful. Yes, it is true that science deals with logic but it is not beneficial all the time to give more importance to your modernity, as when Kaal Sharp Dosha starts its show, you happiness flies away and its vacancy gets filled by problems like losses, child problems, family problems, financial issues, loss of ancestral property and fear of death to happen with our life. Well, if you do not want to be the submitter in the trap of multitudes of problems then it is better to seek for its nirvanas and remedies. After all, you surely would not like to befriend this dosha and suffer under its effects for 47 years.

How to find kaal sharpa dosha in kundali

As not everyone is born an astrologer, therefore you might not know that even you are under the detrimental effect of kaal shapa yoga. Someone once said that prevention is better than cure, therefore instead of waiting for the dosha to cause attack in your life; it is better to search out its existence in your kundali and seek its prevention measure. In order to find out Kaal sharpa Dosha in your Kundali, you can check various online kundali calculators and detect its presence. It is never a tough job to know, how to find Kaal sharpa dosha in your kundali. All you need to know is your birth date, exact time of your birth and location. Although you can also go to the astrologers for the same purpose but it is a way far better than seeking out astrologers and paying some bucks.

Kaal sharp dosha’s nirvana or remedies at home

No matter how bad your ill-fate play the devil with you but always keep in mind that God is always by your side and he has solution for everything. If you act consistent and follow the nirvanas or remedies listed below, you can keep yourself on the safer side from its wrath.

  • Pray to Lord Hanuman when you feel the fear of death surging in you.
  • Perform Nagdosh nivaran pooja in order to keep away from the malefic effects of Rahu.
  • Feed ants and fishes to overcome its effects.
  • Worship silver symbolic cobra with your ancestors on the eve of Nagpanchmi. After that, float all the articles of worship with silver cobra in the water.
  • Remarry your wife, if problem appears in your married life.
  • Give importance to worship, as it is believed that Rahu is always hypnotized by mantras.

Above listed are the few important ways to save yourself from Kaal sharp Dosha’s detrimental effects but always keep in mind that the remedies can vary according to your Kundali. Therefore, it is better to take counsel from astrologer first and then follow the remedy.

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